Basement Flooding In Virginia Beach

Repair of a Flooded Basements In Virginia Beach To Minimize Water Damage

Basement floods can ruin a home. This is because the water damage associated with the flooding weakens the structural integrity of the house. One of the main causes of basement flooding in Virginia Beach homes are burst pipes. Pipes can burst due to abrupt physical damage or sustained wear and tear. When the pipe bursts, water leaks out and then flows downhill and collects at the lowest point of the house, which happens to be the basement. The leaking water will flow down the staircase, flooded basement Virginia Beachseep through the cracks, and flow through openings. The consequence is a house flooded by a burst pipe. There is need to clean up this kind of house flooded burst pipe. The cleanup must be followed by requisite repairs so as to avert home damage. Most homes have a concrete foundation, and basement flooding weakens this foundation, with the degree of weakening determined by the age of house and if the foundation was coated with a water-proof barrier material.

The focus of the next section is on the cleanup of a flooded basement in Virginia Beach and repair of water damage in the basement.

Flooded Basement Cleanup Virginia Beach, VA

Before attempting to perform any basement cleanup following flooding due to a burst pipe, the homeowner must do the following:

– Switch off power to the basement. Sometimes, this may involve switching off the main power switch and thus necessitates basement cleanup during the day if the basement windows allow enough natural light to get through. Switching off electrical power to the basement ensures that there is electric current in the basement that can electrify the water, and consequently cause the cleaner to suffer an electric shock.

– Next, the homeowner must move all valuables and electrical outlets, including electric plugs, from the basement and place them in higher levels, for instance, the ground floor or outside the house.

– Furniture and other bulky objects also need to be removed from the basement, so as to allow them to dry outside, and for the cleaner to have ample space for moving around when cleaning the basement.

– Water flow through the pipes must be stopped once the burst pipe has been identified. This sets the stage for the next phase of flooded basement cleanup.

Stopping water flow through the pipes prevents further flooding in the basement, and this allows the cleaner to move into the basement with the cleaning materials, which include a bucket and a mop.

To begin with the flood water is pumped out of the basement and then directed away from the outside of the house. As the amount of flood water reduces as more of it is collected pumped outside, the cleaner is then set to start mopping the basement floor. Likewise, the basement walls also need to be cleaned as this allows one to notice any damage done to the walls. Once the basement floor and walls are clean and dry, then basement repair can commence.

Virginia Beach Basement Water Damage Repair

The most important aspect of repair at this stage is fixing the damaged pipe, usually by replacing it as a whole, and fixing it into the existing plumbing infrastructure in the house. This can be done by shutting off water flow through the plumbing pipes, and disconnecting the damaged pipe from adjoining pipes. This means that the damaged pipe must be identified before it is removed.

The burst pipe is then replaced with a new pipe that is of similar size and strength. This is important because replacing a burst pipe with a new but weaker pipe only exposes the homeowner to more water damage in the near future as the weak pipe will serve as the weak link in the plumbing infrastructure, and will burst sooner rather than later.

When fixing the new pipe to the other pipes in place, there is need to ensure that the joints between the pipes are properly sealed so as to avoid water leakage. Also, water under high pressure can cause poorly fitting joints to disconnect, or for the joints to burst hence resulting in another instance of burst pipes and subsequent basement flooding.

Likewise, any significant damage to the basement wall must be repaired, or else ground water from outside will seep into the basement. The homeowner needs to rebuild the damaged wall. The right building materials must be used as this ensures that the structural integrity of the basement walls is maintained. Thereafter, the basement walls need to be coated by a waterproofing product, preferably roll-on concrete waterproofing material. This shields the walls from water damage in case basement flooding occurs at a later date. If unsure about how to properly repair and water-proof the basement wall, a foundation contractor can be consulted. Likewise, if the basement floor is damaged, then the damaged sections need to be rebuild and coated with a suitable waterproofing material.

Also, a sump-pump can be installed in the basement so that unwanted standing water can be pumped out of the basement. However if you need to cleanup your flooded basement you can always call us at (757) 903-0054.


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